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The Connoisseurship of Silk, CIHA Seminar at Kyoto 2008.

American Association of Art Institutes (APIAH)

There are a number of research institutes of art history in the world.  Most are affiliated to the American Association of Art Institutes (ARIAH), and to the European Association, the International Association of Research Institutes in the History of Art (RIHA).  These associations meet annually in different locations.

There is no equivalent association of art history institutes in the Southern Hemisphere or the Asia Pacific.  We propose to create a third association of art history institutes, APIAH, an association of Asian Pacific Institutes of Art History, to be initially located at the Australian Institute of Art History at Melbourne.  The investment in the establishment of APIAH would primarily be in the provision of secretariat services to member Art History Institutes and leadership in promotion and cooperation and cooperative projects of significance within the region, and between the other regions represented by RIHA and ARIAH.

If you would like to submit an expression of interest to join APIAH please email Professor Jaynie Anderson.

Our research is in line with that of the Australian Research Council's priority

Understanding our region and the world

Enhancing Australia's capacity to interpret and engage with its regional and global environment through a greater understanding of languages, societies, politics and cultures.

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