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The Piranesi Effect


Edited by Kerrianne Stone & Dr Gerard Vaughan AM
Published by NewSouth Books

This book publishes a conference convened by AIAH in February 2014 on the global impact of Piranesi: Piranesi and the Impact of the Late Baroque, presented in collaboration with the State Library and the Baillieu Library.

The work of Italian printmaker Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720–1778) has captivated artists, architects and designers for centuries. Although contemporary Australia is a long way from eighteenth-century Rome, it is home to substantial collections of his works, the largest being at the State Library of Victoria and the University of Melbourne.The Piranesi Effect is a collection of exquisitely illustrated essays on the impact of Piranesi's work throughout the years. The book brings together Australian and international experts who investigate Piranesi's world and its connections to the study of art and the practice of artists today. From curators and art historians, to contemporary artists like Bill Henson and Ron McBurnie, the contributors each bring their own passion and insight into the work of Piranesi, illuminating what it is about his work that still inspires such wonder.

Speakers included:

His Excellency Pier Francesco Zazo, The Italian Ambassador to Australia
Professor Luigi Ficacci Emeritus Soprintendete of Bologna
Professor Jaynie Anderson, Director AIAH, Herald Chair of Fine Art, University of Melbourne
Dr Colin Holden, Senior Fellow of the School of Historical Studies
Warren Andrews, The University of Sydney, Art History and Film Studies, PhD candidate
Philip Kent, State Librarian, University of Melbourne
Associate Professor David Marshall, University of Melbourne
Professor Gerard Vaughan, Gerry Higgins Professorial Fellow, AIAH, University of Melbourne
Shane Carmody, Senior Development Manager, University Library, University of Melbourne
Kerrianne Stone, Special Collections Curatorial Assistant (Prints), University of Melbourne
Mary Kisler, Curator, Auckland Art Gallery
Associate Professor Robert Gaston, University of Melbourne
Ron McBurnie, Contemporary Artist, Lecturer James Cook University
Professor Paolo Tombesi, Chair in Construction, Faculty of Architecture, University of Melbourne
Jane Clark, Curator, MONA
Dr Susanne Meurer,University of Western Australia
John Nicholas Weretka, University of Melbourne, PhD candidate
Bill Henson, Contemporary Artist

Available for purchase through NewSouth Books 

Hardback | Aug 2015 | NewSouth | 9781742234267 | 336pp | 220x280mm | Temporarily unavailable | GEN | AUD$59.99, NZD$72.99

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